global reach for innovation


EntrepX is a new startup offering a travel program for venture-backed startups. We take care of everything from the flights and transportation to the housing of the team members and the office space for the team.

The program is a year-long program for teams with eight to ten team members. The team spends three months in every one of the four different cities. The cities are London, UK; Stockholm, Sweden; Barcelona, Spain; and Toronto, Canada.

EntrepX’s team takes care of flights for the team members, transportation cards (public transportation) in all four cities, comfortable housing for all members of the team, and office space for the team. EntrepX’s mission is to expand the reach of your startup to the international stage without the worry of logistics or financials. Traveling is a key and a missed opportunity for startups to gain new perspective while in the process of building new products or giving new services.

EntrepX is partnering with local entrepreneurs in the designated cities to provide access for your team to a variety of networking events, investor connections, personal life recommendations. Since our team is located in two different time zones, EntrepX’s team will be providing a 24/7 customer support to ensure that every element of the program is going smoothly.