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There are many reasons people choose to create startup companies, but why does a company choose one location over another when launching their venture? Why are some places more successful than others in attracting the attention of entrepreneurs, fresh talent, mentors and investors? The answer can be found by looking at the incentives and opportunities a city offers and whether the quality of the environment encourages a company to thrive or fizzle.

Barcelona has undergone a transformation in recent years. It’s always been looked upon as a city of great thinkers, artists and architects, but now its a “smart city” and a “leading startup hub” to its repertoire, rendering it a prime location to launch a startup and attracting increasing numbers of international talent to its shores. In fact, Barcelona has now secured its status as one of Europe’s hottest startup capitals.

  1. Barcinno, a collaborative platform for sharing news, knowledge and events surrounding Barcelona’s startup, tech and innovation communities. As Barcelona’s No. 1 English-language tech resource, it is a unique channel for the city’s rapidly growing entrepreneurial community to expand its presence locally and internationally.

  2. The growing number of accelerators, business angels and venture capital investments show money, for many, is no longer an issue. Investments in Spanish companies have grown steadily over the past few quarters, pointing to a relative improvement of the investment ecosystem and an abundance in private and public capital.

  3. The 22@ Barcelona Innovation District initiative has transformed the old, industrial area of Poblenou into a center for knowledge, tech, design, creativity and art.