Why does my startup need to travel?

Traveling is a great networking opportunity for any company. Whether you are hoping to complete a business deal on a trip, need your employees to attend a training event, or just want to host an event in a different location, there are networking opportunities when you land—and beforehand too. Many airlines have created lounges ideal for networking before you board, while hotels are beginning to build co-working lounge spaces for on-the-go travelers looking to build connections. If that’s not enough, a survey by Virgin Atlanticestimates says that one in five people have done business with someone they met on a plane.

Traveling can provide motivation and build company morale. Your employees will be happy to have the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures and places, leaving them engaged, motivated, and productive. Plus, corporate travel is an excellent opportunity for team building events that will bring your employees together, so that they can work better with one another when they get back to the office.

Travel can foster creativity and inspiration. Traveling allows you to experience different cultures that can provide you with a new way of looking at things and because you never know what you’ll have to deal with on the way, it can be a great way to learn effective problem solving. Virgin Atlantic even found that one in four of those surveyed found their best ideas while on a flight.

In-person meetings can be more effective in closing deals with more distant partners, vendors, or customers. A study by U.K. company Concur found that 98 percent of businesses believe face-to-face contact is more effective in building relationships than meetings by phone or through email. If you work with companies that are further away, even international, your business may benefit from the face-to-face communication that only traveling to meet them can afford.

when does the program start?

The first year of the program will be starting on January 10th 2020 for the whole year.

who can be part of this program?

A team of 8 to 10 members within a startup or any kind of business.

how much would it cost to be part of the program?

Please reach out through our contact page or book an appointment with one of our team members in order to establish a connections first. EntrepX creates two agreements, one with the startup or company as an entity, and another with every single member of the team. What we can say here about this is that it is more economical to join our program than it is to rent an office for 10 team members in NYC!

Please direct any other questions to the contact page form, and we will make sure to reply in efficient manner.